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Friday, January 27, 2006

I have comments

It is so cool to have comments! Yeah! I officially have 3 readers. Of course 2 of them are the people who encouraged me to get a blog :-)

I have spent most of the day finishing this gosh darn sweater for my friend Kim's near 3-year old daughter. I made it once but used the sizing from a British pattern and it would have fit a 7-year old. I guess British children are larger than American kids. This time I did it in a 28-inch chest and it will still be big (unless her mom starts feeding her steriods) but she will grow. They live in Maine so it is likely that she will be sporting this until July! The collar leaves a little to be desired but again, she is only 3. She will likely be wearing this to play in a mud puddle or the sand pit in their back yard so I'm not too worried about it. I was going to post photos but Blogger can't find the server - seems to be a trend today.

While I was at the BX yesterday I thought I would peruse the magazines and pick up a knitting mag. Well, they didn't have any knitting magazines but they did have a plethora of nudies (what does that say about military personnel, hmmm?) and of course, 3 aisles of valentine candy. I purchased from one of these - anyone want to guess which one? Hint... it goes well with wine, candlelight and raging PMS. Yep, you got it, I hit the bag of Lindt truffles. Is it wrong to start eating them while you are still in the store?