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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Our first ambulance ride

I ask you... does this look like a sick kid?
Ok, what about this...

A few weeks ago I took Piglet to Urgent Care because he was having difficulty breathing and his rescue inhaler wasn't working. After about four hours they decided that his breathing was not returning to normal in the correct amount of time and he would need to be hospitalized. The catch... our little hospital didn't have the facilities to care for him so he needed to go to the Naval Hospital at Portsmouth - about 20 miles away. I had a choice to either leave my car there for the night and ride in the ambulance or let my baby go in the ambulance alone. Guess which one I didn't do! Thanks to good friend MaryAnne my dogs were fed and pottied for the two days we were in the hospital and my car was delivered to me. Piglet was ready to go home the next day but his doctors didn't agree. Personally, I think he was so cute and entertaining they decided to keep him.

We have an appointment next week with a pediatric pulmonary specialist to make sure we are on the right track for controlling his asthma.

In the middle of everything I decided to start selling my memory boards. I opened a little Etsy shop. There are a few more boards that need to be added but with Piglet home from school the past week, I haven't had the time.

Annabelle is doing much better. The prednisone is working so they are moving her to another immunosuppressant that has fewer side effects but works a little slower. She will have another CBC next week to see how she is progressing. She is definitely feeling stronger and has even tried wrestling with Baby Baxter. Unfortunately she is still starving and has been known to chase Piglet around for a cheese stick. Last week I told Big Boy that if I had to dole out medication to one more person in this house I was going to have myself committed just for the rest and relaxation!

Speaking of Big Boy. Only 90 days left until he heads home!

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