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Monday, May 05, 2008

Buttons, Buttons... Who's Got The Buttons?

My Tangled Yoke is complete (and all the details are in my Ravelry page) and is just waiting for me to drag my happy ass over to the JoAnn’s and buy some buttons. I would like to say that there is no hurry and the sweater wearing days are over for a few months, but around here, one never knows.

There has been knitting and un-knitting (I believe you professionals call it frogging?) ‘round these parts. I sent the Lady Eleanor packing and in its place I have Montego Bay - a pattern that is simple to memorize and will take 1/4 of the time. It looks pretty and I think I may make a second one in a stashed yarn as a gift. As it turns out, Amy had this in mind all along when she bought the yarn.

I also started Sizzle a few weeks ago. And, just to keep my fellow SnB’ers laughing, I frogged it. It was justified. Really, it was. I used Main Line and found it was just too heavy for the pattern, and the summer. Of course I would have known all this if I had done a little research on the yarn and pattern before just diving in.

It has been a crazy few weeks here in the Knotty house. I need a t-shirt that says “I survived the Grandparent invasion of 2008”. My parents came to help out with yard work and Piglet (‘cause the two do not go well together!). Of course he managed to get sick while they were here and I lost my “parent of the year” badge because I refused to take him to the emergency room for what ended up being two new teeth. Sigh Then Big Boy came home. His second training was cancelled and he will be here until May 18. After that though, we are on our own. The not so little Piglet has been keeping us hopping. We have new words and skills every day (well, if you can call trying to throw your sippy cup in the toilet a skill) - his words this week are “school”, “ow”, “out”, and “uh-oh”. Of course he doesn’t use any of them in the correct context but at least we have more variety than “hi” and “gogogo” a million times a day.

Last week Big Boy’s parents arrived to drive me nuts visit with Piglet. They seem to be under the impression that I would enjoy visiting them while Big Boy is gone. I hate to burst their bubble but I have no intention of even answering their phone calls for the next six months, let alone hopping on a plane with kid and baggage!

And speaking of nuts… knitting seems to be full of them. I have now managed to read all 10,000 posts in the MCY thread and am waiting in anticipation for the day the undead Danielle is finally caught. Add to that the great Mystery Lace mystery of 2008 and you have yourself one hell of a train wreck. What can I say, it is better than anything on television these days!

So, what is next on the knitting calendar? I am going to do a sweater for Piglet in these colors from Cascade 220. I plan to do an all-over pattern from Vogue Stitchionary but I haven’t decided if I should do a v-neck or a hoodie.

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