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Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh My Eyes Hurt!

Because I have been looking at this...

Yes, that is a stitch holder in the middle of my lace panel. Why? Well, that is a good question. The other night around 10:00 I was working on Print O' The Pain in My Ass and realized I was working the wrong row of the chart. I did what any other good knitter would do... I tinked until I dropped a stitch. I picked up the stitch and kept going. Or. So. I. Thought. I heard a little popping noise and my heart sank. Turns out when I picked up the stitch I missed the part where it had dropped down and released a K2tog and each of those stitches dropped to a K3tog. Now, I have 5 loose stitches. ACK! I took it to SnB last night where the gals were nice enough to give me tips on how to fix my giant sink hole. Not one would take a bribe to do it for me though.

So, what is a girl to do during a crisis? She shops! My Big Boy was out of town this week and I was having a hard time sleeping so I was on Ravelry when one of those horrible ads showed up. Horrible because they make a girl do wild and crazy stuff, alone, in her bed, with a computer, at midnight...

The yarn is from Spritely Goods and is the Sylph in Watermelon Tourmaline colorway. I have no idea what its destiny is... other than to make me smile.

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