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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What Does the Froggy Say?

Being the parent of a now toddler means endless hours of “what does (fill in the blank with anything) say?” All because he can’t possibly go to kindergarten unless he knows what every animal on the planet says.

Oh wait, I digress. That is because no one really wants to me get to the point of this post. No one really wants to hear what the froggy says. I discussed my plans the other night and Christine all but covered her ears and sang La La La, I can’t hear you.

So, here it goes. I am going to frog my Lady Eleanor. I spent time on it over the past few weeks and realized that it was just too bulky. Even though it is sport weight cotton/silk yarn, it still makes me look like a snow bear. 16 skeins of yarn folks. Yep! Call me a freak but the thought of frogging it actually got me a little excited. I said excited, not turned on, get your minds out of the gutta.

But, that isn’t all. I also plan to frog my Argosy, which is currently done in Sea Silk. I have 400 yards and it is going to make for a very long Argosy scarf. Nice, but not quite what I want. So, here is the current plan… the Sea Silk will become a Lady Eleanor scarf. And, the Noro Lily from Lady Eleanor will become a Clapotis.

Here is the way I see it… the Clapotis is a pattern that can grow with the cotton and not be snow bearish. Plus, it is a great pattern for showing off the colors of the Lily and not making it look like funfetti.

In other knitting news... the Tangled Yoke is coming along fabulously. I love the pattern, I love Eunny, and I love the yarn (highland silk from Elann). This puppy has best fit!

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