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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birtday To Me

Happy Birtday (not a typo. The explanation is here) to me! I had big plans for my day but had to cancel them because my parents showed up last night. Yep, I had 24 hours from the time my in-laws left to the next wave. I suspect my parents only came because they were jealous that the in-laws had been here to see Piglet. **sigh**

So, my plans for my birthday… I was going to take Piglet to his story time at the library and then after his afternoon nap we were going to have dinner with Big Boy before sending him off. See, this isn’t just my birthday; it is the day that we found out Piglet’s birthmother had chosen us. One year ago we were sitting in a very nice restaurant, drinking a nice wine and discussing the nice house we were going to buy in Williamsburg when we got the call. It is something we would celebrate privately, just the three of us. One year later… the restaurant is Outback, the wine is soda (parents don’t drink) and we are NOT living in Williamsburg, but instead bought the cheaper house that borders the ghetto. Oh, and instead of sitting up all night discussing our future, Big Boy is sleeping in the basement of an overpriced hotel and I headed to bed at 9:00 p.m. to avoid watching yet another episode of Funniest Critters and Hillbillies. Can you spell R-O-M-A-N-T-I-C?

Here’s the thing… my dad is a narcissist. So, all day he has been telling people that he came to see me for my birthday, but really it is all about how it makes him look and not about me. Did I mention that Big Boy left town today? Oh yeah! All night I have cruised the interwebs just to pass the time and not have to hear the 40th version of a story or stories about people I neither know or care about (wow, that sounds pretty heartless doesn’t it?). My parents are complete opposite from Big Boy’s. The in-laws are highly educated and like to view everything as an educational experience. They have perfect grammar and read War and Peace for sport. Mine… well… my dad likes to make up his own words and grammar is just the Maine way of saying Grandma. Are you feeling my pain yet?

I am trying to wait patiently for the guilty verdict to come in the Spector Trial (sorry Joan, couldn't resist). Normally I would knit the time away but my parents have the television so loud I can't possibly count in my head! And the cloud of cologne is keeps me from seeing the stitches. My dad likes cologne and lots of it. Mix that with Annabelle's rotten mushroom smell and you have a funky ho house on your hands!