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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Forgot to Mention...

For those of you I named Rockin' Girl Bloggers, you are now supposed to name 5 more Rockin' Girl Bloggers. For those of you who were not named, I didn't leave you out on purpose. I really wanted to name more people, like, Jayne - who dyes those fabulous yarns or Benne - who is the best writer evvah!, or Svetlana - who can whip up a sweater in a day (seriously, I don't think she eats or sleeps unless she has string and some needles!). Oh, there are so many that ROCK!

Last night I decided to lightly block the Print O' The Wave Stole to see if I really liked the pattern. It seems like this thing is taking forever but I think it is because it has center repeats and is only a 12 row repeat unlike the MS3 that changes with every row. This morning I viewed the stole in the light and I really like it. I also really like the yarn blocked. It is more blue than gray in the light. I am a little nervous about picking up the side stitches - this is tiny lace kids. See that bright purple cast on? This stole is supposed to be done in two panels and then grafted but after I started I found (on Ravelry of course) stoles that had been done all in one piece instead, and I like it so much more. So, now I have to find a way to turn that provisional cast on into a bind off. Hmmm.

Close up of pattern

So, that good day I mentioned? Well, yesterday Big Boy calls to tell me he has to go TDY to DC for three weeks. UGH! Ok. Leaving Wednesday. Wait... what? I swear his boss hates me and hasn't even met me yet. Then I thought of the upside to this. Piglet and I will drive up to visit one weekend. I have to drive through Richmond... with no timeline... I can detour to the Yarn Lounge. If I get in town early enough I can hit Knit Happens in Old Town Alexandria too. HA! Take that Big Boy! I have no rush to get back to my ghetto home so I can hit more stores on my way back. Oh, and what a shame he will be staying near Pentagon City Mall which just happens to have a Nordstom and Sephora.

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