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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Finally! A FO!

Editor's Note: I forgot to put in the ribbon before taking the picture - DUH!
Close up of beaded bodice
Close up of I-cord edging

I promised I would show you a finished item with the next post. What I didn’t tell you was that I would not post until the item was finished. Over the weekend I finished Crumpets. I never want to see stockinette again – ever! This was about 15 inches of knitting over about 350 stitches. This dress will go to Piglet’s biological sister, along with Monica.

Pattern: Crumpets
Needles: Size 5
Yarn: Elann’s Esprit (1 skein) for the bodice and Sonata (8.5 skeins) for the body.
Color: Ruby
Notes: I did a normal cast on instead of the Picot cast on. For the bottom edge I did two rows of garter and then did an applied I-cord with three stitches. The straps are 2, 3 stitch I-cords that then become a 6-stitch I-cord. They look big and they kinda are but they have to be because the dress is heavy. The I-cord was really hard on my hands for some reason.

I am so glad to have this off the needles! This is the second one and I think from now on I will stick to making it in the six-month size.

I had a compliment a few weeks ago. The momma recipient of the first Crumpets emailed me to A) say thank you, and B) tell me that she thought I could sell my knit stuff on Etsy. A huge compliment from a non-knitter! Even though I could never get paid enough to cover the time I put into the dress, the fact that a non-knitter thinks it is good enough to be salable makes me feel good.

I probably would have accomplished more knitting this week if it were not for Ravelry. I am sucked in! I haven’t even loaded the past finished objects yet or taken photos of my stash because I have been too busy checking out what everyone else is making and looking for friends. It is like a peep show for knitters!!!!

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