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Monday, June 11, 2007

Vacation... Not Really!

I’m back and I have so much to tell y’all. The past few weeks have been extremely crazy.

First, thank you for the prayers and good thoughts. Our trip home was stressful. We didn’t talk about “the issue” until the last day. This has taken a toll on my dad’s health. Just before we arrived he was hospitalized with chest pains and shortness of breath. The doctor found nothing wrong with his heart and blames it on stress. Some good news came this week. He went to court and his attorney says “the issue” has been dismissed and will go no further. Their house is 99% sold. They have pretty much severed all ties in their small town. It is sad really.

After a few days in Maine we headed to Big Boy’s family in Massachusetts. Thank goodness we stayed in a hotel! Our families are so different – there is no way I could discuss “the issue” with the in-laws. Instead I had to pretend like nothing was wrong and play nice. I can only play nice for so many days before I lose my mind! MIL seems to be losing her short-term memory because she asked me the same questions a minimum of three times. They never have enough food to eat; they don’t use spices in their cooking. MIL didn’t understand why I didn’t want to use the high chair that Big Boy used 38 years ago. It is metal, and rusted, and sitting out in the basement. We could just “tie him in”.

Piglet… Oh Piglet… He was a trooper in the car. But, then, he grew accustomed to having someone hold or play with him 24/7. Naps that are normally two hours in his bed became a half hour on Grandma and Papa’s laps. Coming home yesterday was a big hit of reality. Suddenly, he was required to go to bed on time and he had no one in his face all day (MIL). The poor kid was like a tourist attraction! And the questions, sheesh! Does he have a high chair? Why does he make that noise? When will he outgrow this car seat? Where do you buy car seats? Does he have a high chair? Why doesn’t he have a high chair? What does he eat? Well… you get the point. While we were gone he practiced rolling over on the beds and got his first hand slap (in-laws were not crazy about it but they can kiss my ass).

So, here are a few new photos of Piglet. He is hanging out on his new lawn chair, in my parent’s backyard.

His new friend E was trying to steal his binky and he wasn’t too happy about that.

Here we are at Fenway Park. Notice Piglet is decked out in his Red Sox outfit, Red Sox binky and binky holder. He now owns a training camp jersey just like dad’s!

A little knitting happened during the trip. I started and finished the replacement ruffle for Monica; got in a few inches on Crumpets before I ran out of yarn; and made it all the way to the start of the foot on sock #2. I also read The Knitting Circle and the new John Sandford book.

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