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Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm Hooked!

I’m hooked… Jayne gets sucked into the black hole known as Etsy and I have been sucked into the black hole known as Court TV. The Phil Spector trial is going on and it is like watching a train wreck or Cops – I am thoroughly disgusted and yet, I am compelled to watch while we eat lunch and Piglet naps. Now, I realize you have to be “unique” in order to cut it in the entertainment industry but this guy left unique with his hairstyles and moved on to creepy, bizarre and psychotic with his lifestyle. He spends the entire day staring; I don't think I have ever seen him blink. Occasionally he looks over to the camera and it is eerie. It is like he is looking directly into my living room. How anyone could date him, marry him or raise children (he has two adopted children whom he would lock in their bedrooms!) with that freak is beyond me. The part that gets me are the women who still love him despite the fact that he held a gun to their head and held them hostage in his home! Sheesh! Some of them continued relationships with him after. HELLO! I can tell you with 100% certainty that should Big Boy ever do such a thing the relationship will be over. Big Boy, are you listening?

Thank you all for the comments about Piglet and his cuteness. I do not read him these comments because he already has a big head, literally.

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