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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Project Spectrum

Here is one of my favorite yellows… Fizzy Lemonade. My San Antonio SnB meets at this fantastic, eclectic coffee shop/restaurant/bar/cake heaven. One of their specialties is the Fizzy Lemonade… a wonderfully refreshing drink on a hot summer Sunday afternoon. Ok, typing that made me think of a group of southern belles hanging on the front porch with their parasols and fans… “Why I do declare it is hotta than a crotch out he’ya on the porch and the only thang that will cool us is a tall glass of fizzy lemonade served by a tall, dark, handsome, nekked may’yan”. Crap, now I have that nekked man in my head and he goes by Derek Jeter. Ok, wait, where was I? Oh, right, Fizzy Lemonade. One day the bartender showed me how she made it and I have been making them at home ever since. Now that the warm weather has returned, I have stocked up on ingredients and now when Piglet takes his afternoon nap, I sit down with my Fizzy Lemonade and knit. Unfortunately, I do not have the yummy Candlelight Café cake or my knitting peeps.

I started on Icarus last week. Actually, I started twice. I have never knit with yarn this thin before so it is slow going. I also had some stitch marker issues. All of my small rubbers (stitch markers…get your minds out of the gutter!) were being used on another project and the large ones were way too big for the needles and yarn. I switched to my fancy set but the yarn slides through the rings too easily.

Last night I started a sock in the Jitterbug. I love this yarn. It isn’t really a self-striping but the colors blend nicely from one to another. The yarn is soft and bouncy. If you get a chance, give it a feel at your LYS.

Next week I will bring you a photo update of my never ending projects. Seriously, I think every project on the needles right now is going to take me a year to complete. Of course, I might get more accomplished if I didn’t have so many WIP’s!

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