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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Cool Dudes

Are You Talkin to Me?

The way I see it, we enter and exit life the same way – bald, eating soft foods, wanting to do more than our bodies can handle and sleeping on the front porch.

And, well, even the dog needs to be cool around here.

What you can’t see in the Piglet picture is how wet the front of his shirt is. He has taken up spitting as a sport. It was cute the first day but now he is taking the “practice makes perfect” theory a little too far.

To answer the question of many… yes, the stocking is the last WIP in the basket. However, there is a list of things waiting to hop onto a needle. I am waiting for my new Knit Picks needles to arrive and then I will cast on for the Icarus and maybe even a pair of socks for me. As much as I love casting on new items, I also get to a point where finishing what I have started weighs on me. It is the way I was raised and my mother’s guilt still hangs over my head. Yes, I still pick up my toys when I am done playing with them. LOL! As for those needles – they have been sitting at the postal annex about a mile from my house since 9:00 a.m. on the 31st. Can someone explain to me how they can’t make it the mile to my house? The box my parents mailed on the 30th arrived yesterday!

A special thank you to Benne for the errata on the stocking. I too am shocked that it went until March before anything was posted. I’m not sure what difference error #1 makes because I think my cable looks just fine (except the part where I cabled in the wrong direction and didn’t notice it for several rounds!). However, error #2 is a huge mistake! Transposing which chart to work screws up the entire stocking. I know mistakes happen. But, this mistake is huge and it seems like almost every pattern in this issue has errors. Perhaps they should look at a little restructuring in their proofreading department!

Runagogo has started round two. With the good weather ahead I hope to make my goal. Today I am including my time cleaning the carpets. I have burned at least a mile's worth of calories. And now I am thoroughly grossed out so probably won't be able to eat for a while.

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