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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Project Spectrum Wednesday

I’m a winner!

I won this beautiful yarn over at Loves to Bike and Knit. It is the Alpaca Cloud in Stream - the perfect name for the color BTW. It is the perfect color for Project Spectrum. It is so soft and pretty! It has asked to be several things, now I just have to pick one. Yesterday while Piglet was playing on his mat and talking to his toys I cruised through a few of my patterns. I am thinking about the Lilly of the Valley Shawl from the new Lace Style. But then again there is the Trellis Lace Scarf (by Margaret Stove in the Vogue Knitting Accessorize book), Icarus, Leaf and Acorn Scarf, and Trellis Scarf. So many choices!

This has been an “I don’t wanna week”. Laundry hasn’t been completed, groceries haven’t been purchased and the bed hasn’t been made because – I DON’T WANNA! Monday was a rough day but thankfully a little knitting at Stitch & Bitch made me feel better. I think it is, in part, due to the weather. Last week was sunny and nearly 60 all week. This week is back down to the 40’s (if we are lucky) and today holds the possibility of snow and rain. The changes are wreaking havoc with my body. Something has crawled into my throat and it sort of feels like swallowing glass shards. I don’t feel sick; I just don’t feel like being a housewife this week!

We started the Piglet on cereal this week. He is only three months but frankly, he never feels full. Since then he has been much more agreeable. He naps better than he has in weeks. Here’s the thing – the boy would eat eight ounces of formula if I gave it to him but then he would spit it all up. His eyes are bigger than his belly. I finally figured out that he needed something bulky to feel full. I equate it to eating an orange or a slice of bread – which one will make you feel full.

A little knitting has happened.
  • I was able to rip out the picked up stitches on Angelina and started the lace collar. I put in a lifeline in case I started the lace on the wrong side due to the jacked up instructions. Yes, I said jacked up!
  • Piglet’s sweater is completed but I haven’t clipped the ends yet. I will post an FO picture one of these days.
  • Lady Eleanor is chugging along. I work on it when I have just a few minutes and can’t get into something that needs brain power. I absolutely love the Noro Lilly and will happily buy more if I can find it at the bargain price of $4 a skein!
  • I was able to work on the stocking yesterday. It is coming along and I can finally see the cable patterns; they make sense now. I’m not crazy about the yarn though. It is Telemark from Knit Picks and it is kind of rough. However, it is for a Christmas Stocking so it doesn’t have to be soft – just durable, stretchy and cheap!

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