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Friday, February 23, 2007

An Anniversary and a Splurge

Ten years ago these two crazy kids went and got themselves hitched. Sounds all romantic doesn’t it? Well, here’s the real story. Big Boy was renting a crappy house in Rosamond, CA and the lease was running out. We couldn’t move into base housing unless we were married. Since neither of us were crazy about a February wedding in New England (brrrrr) we eloped. Two days later we moved into a new house and began this crazy life together. I should also mention that the practical side of me wanted a ring that I could look at every day and be reminded of our love versus a wedding that I wouldn’t remember the next day, not to mention something I could hawk for cash if things didn’t work out. In the days prior to Internet no one would pay squat for a wedding video. The vain side of me wanted a ring bigger than my friends' and we were way too old and financially secure for one that required a magnifying glass. Here we are ten years, ten pounds (yeah right!), one kid, three dogs, three houses, three cars, three states and more than three gray hairs later (only on Big Boy and Calvin – what does that say about Annabelle and I?).

What have we learned? Compromise, Compromise, Compromise. Know who you are and who your spouse is but also know who you are not and let your spouse pick up where you leave off. You can still be a liberated woman and admit that your husband is better at something than you are. Big Boy handles money better so he gets the bills. I’m better at shopping and organizing and planting flowers so that is my job in the house. We accept our strengths and weaknesses and help each other along. We both kill bugs and put stuff together (except momma don’t do gas and electrical – ouch!). And of course, we both change poopy diapers but I would gladly give that job over if someone wanted to take it (if we win the mega millions this week I am hiring a nanny just to do poopy diapers!). We have also learned that no matter where you go you take yourself with you. Many of our friends think their problems will go away with the next assignment or the next job. They don’t. You are still the same people.

What are our goals for the next ten years? Um, stay married? Lose the ten pounds? Hopefully retire from the Air Force and start our second career, settle somewhere, buy a convertible and get the kid through potty training before Kindergarten. Probably not in that order. When Big Boy bought my ring I told him that I wanted to trade up a size at ten years. Well, this summer I excused Big Boy from that agreement with the understanding that I get a convertible at my 40th birthday (he has three ten more years to save up) and a three-carat ring at 20 years. I think it is only fair! Oh wait, by then we will be paying for Pop Warner, Little League, Karate, and new sneakers every month. SIGH!

Since this is a knitting blog... I picked up my copy of Lace Style this afternoon. I stood in the store and mentally dogeared the patterns I want to make. I am happy to see that it is not just scarves. The LYS is always so welcoming of Piglet and his stroller (probably because I have the Ford Focus of strollers and not the Excursion). The ladies always come over to listen to him snore. While I was there they introduced me to Jitterbug. It is a sock yarn from Colinette. My color is Alizerine. I was all set to buy some Koigu but this color was a lot more fun and $4 less in price! I think I will make myself some kicky socks to wear around the house.