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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

True Love

In honor of Valentine’s Day I am skipping my Project Spectrum Wednesday. This morning I explained to Piglet that Valentine’s Day is not just a conspiracy between FTD and Hallmark (despite what his daddy has been telling him!); it is a day to let people know how much you love them. It is also a happy day to look forward to in the middle of the ong drab winters.

I learned a long time ago that love and romance are not the same for everyone. I used to think that Big Boy was not romantic but I realized I had to learn his definition of romance and enjoy what he did. For him it is offering me ice cream at the end of a long hard day or bringing me a Cadbury Egg from his trip to Walgreen’s. We allow each other time alone and separate friends and it makes us appreciate each other more. Now that we have Piglet, romance is him letting me go knitting every week and me letting him go watch football at a sports bar. I once had a friend make fun of our relationship because we didn’t have a candlelight dinner every night and he didn’t send me flowers every week. Well, she got divorced and we are still going strong!

True love is him worrying that I am home alone with a sick baby and me being home alone with a sick baby and not making him feel guilty about something he can’t control. It is also staying awake all night to watch the baby breathe even though you are sick and exhausted. It is also sitting in the ER all day, realizing you have not eaten but worrying because the dogs won’t get their dinner on time. It is also having a sick puppy and holding his paw all the way to the hospital and sacrificing a lot of material stuff so you can afford to save his life.

Poor Piglet. Yesterday was a rough day. He coughed all day to the point of gagging. Nothing made him comfortable except just letting him sleep in his car seat. The Urgent Care called in the afternoon to let me know that his blood work was back and it showed signs of infection. They asked me to bring him in for an antibiotic injection. By the time we got there he had a fever (and I felt like a bad mother because I hadn’t taken his temp yesterday). They had to insert an IV so they could draw blood and do his antibiotic. It took two techs to find one of his tiny veins under all the fat. Then, I had to hold his arms and chest, one tech had his legs and the other did the IV. He nearly kicked it out because he was kicking the techs so hard. He had two more chest x-rays where they had to put him in a Plexiglas contraption that would hold him perfectly still – he looked like Hannibal Lector but with his arms over his head. He coughed, he gagged, he screamed, he pooped, I cried. There was talk of admitting him but instead they opted to send him home with Tylenol and instructions to watch him. He actually slept really well last night (but I didn’t!); I think he was just too exhausted. This morning his fever is gone and he was starving and I even got a little smile out of him. He has to get one more dose of the antibiotic today. It will be several more days until we know the strain of bacteria causing the infection. Big Boy was trapped away from home, enduring an ice storm. He felt terrible for not being here. Today he is coming home because they do not have power to finish their exercise. It will be a quiet Valentine’s Day but that’s ok. We have each other and COOKIES, what more do we need?