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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Happy Blogiversary

Happy Blogiversary to me! If you leave me a comment between today and Sunday you will go into the drawing for a prize. Remember, you have to tell me your favorite color in the comment. Oh, and you have to include your email address, otherwise I have no way of contacting you about the win and will have to go on to the runner up.

A little knitting phooey.

The other day I talked about patterns being to bulky and making me look like a snow bear. Well, this hot mess is what I was talking about. What is it? Well, it is the Noro shrug pattern done in Highland Wool. Seriously, when I was wearing this you could have hooked me to the back of a sled and cried “Mush”. I looked large and bulky in it. The first time I wore it I noticed that it didn’t fit right under the arms in the front but yet the underarms in the back were saggy. The collar also didn’t fit right over the chest and would fall back under the arms – likely because the collar is not done in short-rows. So, as I wore it I would pull it across the chest, trying to stay warm and trying to keep it from my pits. It stretched. And not in a good way. Washing only enhanced the stretching. And, the hem of the sleeve is wider than the rest of the sleeve. So, what’s left? FROG! I think for my frame I need to stick to DK weight or lighter. I also think I need to look harder at the pattern before diving in. In hindsight, I should have seen this coming. The back and sleeves are knit in one piece, like a scarf, without shaping. Then, when you have your scarf long enough you bind off. Then you pick up stitches in the middle, drawing together for the armpits and work the collar in a circle. The only seaming is the sleeves. Easy – yes. Attractive – NO! So, when will froggy come a courting? Not sure yet. First I have to figure out where I bound off. Fortunately I did the spit splice so I will have one giant skein and not a bunch of small, chopped ones. I wish I had a warm sunny day coming so I could sit outside and maybe the sounds of the urban jungle would cover the screams!