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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

An Elph and a Fo...

is better, I guess, than an Elf and a Ho.

First, the FO – it is the pair of socks I started during our trip to Nebraska. They are a gift for my SIL. Details:

Yarn: Baby Silk from Elann – Baby Alpaca and Silk blend – YUMMY! The color is Sapphire.
Pattern: Ribbed Lace from Sensational Knitted Socks. The heel is the Eye of Partridge pattern.
Needles: Size 1 – the needles nearly killed me. I’ve never worked on anything that small before. Because they were so tiny, they seemed even longer than normal. And, somehow I managed to put a curve in each needle – including the one I lost at Starbucks.

Yes, the foot looks longer than the leg. It is. I made them for a size 8 foot figuring it was better to make SIL socks that were too big than too small. I put the leg to my mid-calf because SIL has shorter legs than I do. I know I do not like my socks to come all the way to my knee so I made the leg a little shorter, keeping that in mind.

Second, our new camera. Big Boy finally broke down and bought a new one. Our digital camera is one of the originals designed for a Mac. It still takes a good picture but the quality doesn’t match the new technology. Plus, it works like a regular camera in that you have to look through the lens to take your picture. I don’t think I will know how to take a picture without squinting that one eye! You know, it is amazing how quickly we can buy something when HE wants it! I've begged for a new vacuum for two years and even though ours no longer had wheels, he still wouldn't budge until last week.

I probably won’t be posting much over the next week. We have the in-laws and the out-laws showing up all in a row. My in-laws have had their trip planned for weeks and then on Monday my parents called to say they wanted to come visit the day my in-laws leave. HEEEELLLLLLOOOOOO! I convinced them to give us a few days break to clean up and buy more food. My stepmother offered to postpone the trip but my dad was pretty matter of fact about coming next week. He called back last night offering to postpone but I know which list I would be on if took him up on it. I need to keep Piglet in the will. Much wine will be consumed.

Anyhoooo, keep your eye out for a contest coming up on my blog.