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Friday, December 22, 2006

An Update

We are finally home! Actually, we got home on Saturday night but I haven’t really had a chance to blog. We spent a week in San Antonio and leaving was as hard the second time as the first. We spent the time seeing friends and giving everyone their baby fix. Piglet was a trouper and happily let everyone hold him. He was also fantastic on his plane rides and everyone commented on the well-behaved, quiet baby. He still has his claim tags on his stroller so that everyone will know he is a world traveler. Since our house had sold Big Boy spent time making some small repairs and filling in Annabelle’s big hole where she would lay during the heat. The house is officially no longer ours and I have to face the reality of living in Virginia.

Piglet is adjusting to sleeping in his new big bed. We had to buy him a Snuggle Nest so the bed would feel snugger but at least he is out of his car seat. He is starting to fill out and every day I find a new roll. I think he is going through a growth spurt because he is sucking down food faster than the dogs! At 4:00 a.m. it feels like we have been doing this for two years! We are going for pictures on Saturday – I hope our box with his Santa Suit gets here today! The suit was a gift from a friend and it is sooooo cute! It comes with a little hat and even little black feet that look like boots.

The dogs are trying to adjust to their new housemate. Annabelle liked him right away and she loves to give him kisses. Calvin is starting to like him but he isn’t crazy about the crying. Yesterday he started barking when Piglet cried. He also likes to help out with the diaper changes. I have my thoughts on why, and they are disgusting! Baxter is not as enthused. He loves his status of Baby Baxter. Last night Big Boy sat on the floor holding Piglet and had Baxter sniff him. Baxter promptly turned around and laid his head on me. He has cornered the market on pouting. He is doing a little better today and even ran over to give Piglet a kiss this afternoon. I think we will take Baxter and Piglet to see the lights on the VA Beach boardwalk some night this week.

Christmas at Casa Knotty is going to be low key this year. No tree, no stockings, no mistletoe. Next year we will go all out! I have just ordered the yarn to make Piglet’s stocking. The pattern is from Vogue Knitting Holiday and it will be done in Baby Silk from Elann, in Parchment. Big Boy says the pattern is just fine for a boy and not at all girly. I have finished one sock and have to start on the other. Big Boy is feeling a little obligated to give gifts to his family when them arrive in a few weeks so I have to get them finished. I also have some warshrags, soap, hand towel and scarf for MIL. The scarf that was for my *niece* may go to SIL instead. Next up is a blanket for our former neighbors. They have been so good to keep an eye on the house and even feed us when we were in town. I think I will use a basketweave pattern and the Swish from Knitpicks – it’s washable!