Knotty Purls

"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Big Boy knew when he married me that life would never be dull. About once a week I do something stupid to prove it! A few posts back I mentioned the spasm in my back. Well, it is actually… let’s just call it my very lower back. The other night I got into my tub… doesn’t it look romantic?

I had a magazine to read…

Then, Big Boy brought this in…
Normally I wouldn’t mind some company but Calvin had been outside…in the rain… are you getting the picture, or should I say smell?

Well, it was just a small distraction from my relaxation. I could deal.

I figured that a little generic Icy Hot best finished off a nice relaxing bath. It would certainly help the muscles. Um, here is a tip kids, never use Icy Hot on hot skin. Just as Big Boy had finished slathering me it started to burn. I don’t mean nice comforting warmth! I mean someone poured a pot of boiling water on me burn. So, there I am screaming about my “lower back” being on fire while Big Boy tries to figure out how to stop the burn. Nothing worked! Cold washcloths just served to hold in the heat. Big Boy fanning me just annoyed me. Finally he made me go lie on the bed and he turned on the ceiling fan. Calvin joined me on the bed. Not out of love and comfort but because Big Boy had brought me some ice cream. In our house ice cream makes everything better. When it finally cooled down I was numb. Yep, numb.

Because that wasn’t enough to undull our lives, yesterday the fence guy FINALLY showed up and while digging for a post he nicked a power line. Normally this would not be a big issue but it was raining. I turned off the items that would suck a lot of power and we contacted the power company. The prospect of my house catching fire wasn’t nearly as urgent to them as it was to me! Three hours later the power company showed up. Um, they sent the wrong guy. He had to put in an order for a crew to come back today to dig a hole in my yard so they could suck out the water and splice the line. He assured me that my house would not catch fire but we could possibly lose power before the night was out. Not to worry, they would send out someone else who could run a line from our neighbor’s house to our house so we could have power. I informed Big Boy that if our house caught fire I would be leaving for my house in Texas and he was welcome to join me if he wanted. At that point I didn’t particularly care where he lived while stationed here!

The fear of leaving my dogs alone in a house that may burn made me stay in all day. Since I didn't want to overburden our electrical system I sat and knit. I finished the shrug and today I have to sew the sleeves (I have to have natural sunlight to sew - I'm weird). It is really quite cute! I also swatched for the Angelina sweater. I am so excited to cast on!