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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Home Again

Finally, a home! We moved in on Friday and painted like madmen over the weekend. Our furniture was delivered on Monday and on Tuesday we drove the three hours to D.C. to pick up Baxter (YAY!). The house is a total wreck coming together nicely. Box after box has me wondering how we have accumulated so much stuff even though I regularly haul stuff to Goodwill. I live with Mr. Gadget and Mr. Pack Rat! I have put a moratorium on gadgets and batteries. But, this is the kicker…when we got married Big Boy’s aunt sent us a pottery bowl that had our names and wedding date on it with some trees. It is done in greens and blues. It is supposed to hang on the wall! It was ugly 10 years and 4 states ago and it is still ugly. Today I found it in a box (but I still haven’t found all of the towels!) and once again it survived a move. I asked permission to throw it away and was given a very dirty look. Aunt and Uncle are never coming to visit and MIL has never asked about it. I finally told him that if he wanted to keep it, it would have to go in the garage. The colors have faded and it has some sort of sticky stuff on the surface but he insists on keeping it.

No move is complete without disaster. When the guy hooked up our washer he didn’t tighten the hoses correctly. I filled the washer and walked away. Soon I heard a noise that didn’t sound like a washing machine but like Niagra Falls. Water gushing everywhere and no towels to be found. Big Boy was outside meeting a neighbor when I ran out and said in a crazed voice “sorry to interrupt but the washer just exploded”. Now, this would not have been a big deal if all my boxes had been correctly marked. The box that said bathroom linens actually had stuff from my cedar chest. The box of towels that normally go in the laundry room (for dogs and disasters) was in my bedroom. I think the rest of my towels may be in the guest bedroom. Needless to say, I haven’t found the yarn either.

Now we just need to get our fence installed and we will be set. Right now the dogs go out on tie outs and can’t really play without strangling each other. And, Calvin has no way to escape his sister!

I am looking forward to cooking again. I actually like to cook. I love cooking big, gourmet meals. I love trying new recipes. People love having us over because I usually bring some delicious dish (no, I have never made Schweatty Balls). I just don’t have a whole lot of time to make the gourmet meals and frankly, I despise grocery shopping. During our weeks of camping out I have started watching Rachael Ray on Food Network. Oh, she has some fantastic recipes that only take 30 minutes! BE STILL MY HEART! They are even easy enough that Big Boy could make them. He also likes to cook but is challenged in the multi-tasking department so we either get a main dish or a side, but not both.

We have had some good news this week. Our birthmother’s mother works for an attorney and she has offered to handle the Nebraska paperwork for free! This will save us about $2000!