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Friday, October 06, 2006

T is for T-shirt and Thunder

Can you believe it? Finally, a finished object! This is the Krista T from White Lies Designs. Details:

Pattern: White Lies Designs
Yarn: Sonata from Elann in white
Needles: Sizes 6 and 5
Gauge: 17 stitches per 4”.
Notes: The pattern calls for a gauge of 16 stitches per 4” for the size 38”. I found a blog where the person made it in a gauge of 17 stitches in order to get a size 36”. I followed those directions but I wish I had gone up a needle size for the sleeves. The sleeves are a little snug. The sleeves are set-in and come up really high on the shoulder – that part I don’t really care for. Also, the T tends to roll in at the bind off on the chest and the inner part of the shoulders. I’m not sure how to fix this since the yarn can’t be ironed. I may try the steam portion of my iron but it won’t be until my stuff is unpacked. I don’t want to ruin the top with the crappy iron we have here in our cabin. You can't really see the curling in the photo.

Last night we had a thunderstorm. Actually, I didn't know it was thundering until I was nearly suffocated. First, let me mention that we are still in temporary housing and we only have a double bed, which barely holds Big Boy and I. Normally Calvin and Annabelle sleep in the living area or the hallway outside our room. At five this morning I was rudely awakened by Annabelle jumping on the bed and crawling in between us. Next thing I know Calvin is climbing up to sleep in that one-inch space left between the floor and me. Poor Big Boy was shoved up against the air conditioner and all I could do was laugh! Then, the panting started! Big Boy decided that he should take Calvin into the other bedroom but this was easier said than done because it meant he had to climb over Annabelle, me and Calvin to get out. Poor Annabelle. She didn't like having us in separate rooms so she ran back and forth panting. About six I got her up on the bed with me hoping she would go to sleep but that hope was dashed when she sat on me and stared out the window at the lightning (the windows do not have blinds). The funny thing, it really was just raining; there was hardly any thunder or lightning. The harder it rained, the harder she panted! We finally decided to give her one of her happy pills but the rain stopped by the time the drug took affect.

Has anyone out there made a mosaic? I have two bags of seashells that I would love to turn into a table top but I have no idea how. I think they would also be cute on a picture frame.