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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Big news!

Since I let the cat out of the bag with my knitting group in San Antonio I figured I should let it out here as well. During our trip we were contacted that another birthmother would like for us to adopt her baby. We had talked with this girl about a month prior to leaving but knew she was talking with other families so we had assumed she had chosen someone else. We thought that knowing we were moving and would be in a state of upheaval for some time probably turned her off. Quite the opposite - she thinks we have a very exciting life! Ok, that one makes me laugh because we are really boring except this time every three years or so. It's funny, the agency had always told us to make sure we were in a quiet area when talking to a birthmother and not to ask too many personal questions, etc. Well, the first time we talked the dogs were barking and every time after that I've had F-16's flying overhead. I've asked all the questions I wanted to ask and really didn't do anything to try and impress this girl - I was my same goofball self to the point of Big Boy shaking his head in horror.

Anyway, the baby is due November 24 - the day after Thanksgiving. It is going to be a boy. For my Texas friends - you can't get rid of me that easily. We will be coming to Texas right after the birth to do an expedited finalization with the courts. Our new state (of which we are not residents!) is not adoption friendly and we would have had to redo all the legal stuff we had just updated last month, to the tune of about $3000. On top of that we would have needed attorneys in three states. Going this route we will be spending some time away from home and spending a little more money but worth it to be free of the additional stress and frustration. I figure our little hairball will be well traveled and have the ability to sleep anywhere after this - that's a good thing! My parents are talking about coming for Christmas but the proof is in the pudding (that is a long story for another post).

We are moving to the log cabin next week so we can have the dogs with us. But, per our usual of late, it isn't that simple. The cabins are sold out on Saturday nights so we have to move to another hotel for the two Saturdays. We found one online that I believe should be called the "no tell motel". I don't normally treat for fleas because it has never been an issue before but I think the guys will get a preventative before we go there! Our house is not available until October 13 and we will have a few days of painting before the furniture arrives and then we will drive up to get Baby Baxter on the 17th. I miss my snuggler a whole bunch but he is quite happy where he is. Apparently he has learned how to stand in the bucket when getting a drink and that rain is fun to play in.

I love Big Boy to death but I am looking forward to him heading back to work. This 24/7 stuff is a little annoying. It is different when it is vacation but THIS is not vacation! I am very organized and he is... well... not. At least he bought some foot powder!