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Sunday, September 17, 2006

S is for Sea and SAND

This morning we took a drive down to VA Beach to check out the lodging at Ft. Story. We decided to look for the swimming beach and found an open gate. As we headed over the dunes we noticed this strange looking thing on the beach and it had a twin. It was an amphibious hovercraft! Two of them! The Navy guys invited us on board and told us all about this way cool machine. Turns out, they were waiting for four smaller hovercrafts to come over from a Danish cargo ship and then they were going to head up from Ft. Story to Little Creek Amphibious Base. We got out our lawn chairs and watched this whole show! They were also taping this exercise with a helicopter so we will likely be in someone's training video. Between the boats and the helicopter, I'll be washing sand from my hair for days! Unfortunately, all of the photos were taken with my PDA and I can only download them to our desktop computer. I will have to post them as soon as we are settled.

We put an offer on a house and they have counteroffered. We are now waiting to hear about a definite closing date. We have asked for October 13 so everyone cross their fingers. Ft. Story has wonderful log cabins and bungalows that allow pets so we are considering moving over there with our two beasts. The only down side is the "basic cable" that is offered-how will I get my Project Runway finale? The other down side is the full bed that we will have to sleep in. However, we would have a full kitchen and a porch swing and be just three miles from the beaches. We are trying to decide when we will move over there. Suzann, I may be hitting you up for some knitting company.

Speaking of Project Runway... if you don't listen to the podcasts, you really should. Tim Gunn gives a fantastic back stage view of the show. He has quite the disdain for Vincent! His podcasts make me laugh out loud!