Knotty Purls

"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Monday, September 04, 2006

Day Three

What trip through the south would be complete without a true redneck story? We have landed in Montgomery, Alabama. So far it is everything I have heard about and I dread the thought that we could eventually be stationed here. Tonight we discovered that there is a Panera Bread down the road. We load up the dogs and head down for a delicious meal, outside (it is cool enough here!). We are parked at a red light and in the truck next to us a lady is motioning for Big Boy to put down his window. He is way more sweet and trusting than I! The lady holds up $40 and asks if she can use it at the dog track. HUH? I start laughing and Big Boy is shaking his head. She then says "haven'tcha ever been to the dog track, can I use this money?". His response, "nope, we just own them!". He puts up his window, sees me wiping my eyes and says "are you going to put this on your blog?". OF COURSE! I was pleased to see that this woman had $40 but I really think she could have spent it on something better than the dog track; like teeth for starters!

We get back into our hotel and Big Boy turns on the television to what he assumes is an episode of COPS. Remember, we are fascinated by COPS. Well, it was a cops and robbers show but not the COPS we know and love. It was, in fact, Montgomery Police Department. Yep, they are so darn proud of their crime that they have created their own show!

While I am happy to see green again, I'd rather not see so many miles of it. Nothing. But. Trees. Amy asked if I was taking pictures along the way. Honestly, there hasn't been time nor has there been anything to photograph except abandoned cars on the highway. Oh, I have discovered the source of the monkey smell. It is my husband's shoes. I informed him tonight that once we arrive at our final destination we will be buying him some new shoes. He is wearing some docksiders that I think were purchased before we got married nearly 10 years ago. IT IS TIME!

Tomorrow is a long day. We will drive about 10 hours to get to Durham, North Carolina. But, Tuesday will only be about three hours which will give us the afternoon to drop off puppies, buy some food and do a little laundry. Oh, did anyone happen to catch the Dirty Jobs marathon on Discovery today. One episode features shearing an Alpaca and spinning the yarn.