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"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm still alive

I have been a little neglectful of my little blog so I thought I had better check in and say hello. We are still in Texas; our goods will be stolen from us starting August 28 and we will head out on September 2. No, the house has not sold. Yes, I’m still moving even if the house hasn’t sold. I have been busy pulling down curtains and sending them off to the cleaners. Side note here: if you don’t clean your curtains often, you should. It’s amazing what will grow back there! Next is bagging the stuff in the drawers that I don’t want the movers to see. Seriously, we would need two trailers if I actually brought all of my pajamas and underwear with me.

Speaking of trailers. U-haul has decided not to rent to Explorer drivers. I consider this to be discrimination and keep telling Charley that we need to file a financially motivated lawsuit. I happen to live with Mr. Rules Are In Place For A Reason And We Should Follow Them And Not Ask Questions so I guess I will be plotting my lawsuit on my own. We considered buying one and then selling to some other unfortunate Explorer owner but that $1200 was really eating into my food budget. We realized that we were not utilizing the back of the Explorer simply for the comfort of the dogs. Hmmm. $1200 or Annabelle only barks out one window. So, I am repotting the plants into small pots so they will fit in the backseat of my car and making due with a few less shoes. Yes, I move my plants!

We had an Open House on Sunday so the five of us went across the street to hang out at the neighbor’s pool. Calvin was tied, Annabelle was running free and I had just walked Baxter to the edge of the pool for an inspection when I heard a giant splash. Annabelle had fallen in. My 9-year old, 85-pound, hairy girl has never been swimming before! I ran to tie up Baxter and she managed to get to the edge of the pool but she couldn’t figure out how to get the hind legs up to pull herself out. Being a good mom, I dragged her out, only to have her run into the dirt and shake. A little later Calvin wanted to inspect the little waterfall (because it was really cool to drink from) and he fell in too. Only, he was still tied and his butt stayed above water. After that, he thought it was pretty cool to have us hold his leash while he ran the edge of the pool, pulling us on our floats. Baxter, being the prissy one wasn’t having any of that! He stayed cool and dry on the patio, waiting for his little girlfriend to come outside and play. How come you never have a camera when you need it?

This is likely my last post for a few weeks. Hopefully by the time you hear from me again, I will have a home and lots of FO’s to show.