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Friday, July 21, 2006

K is for Kayne

Ok, the ABC Along is actually on "O" so I guess the title should be "O is for Oh thank goodness Kayne won" or maybe "Oh I can't believe what a bitch Vincent is". Kayne's dress wasn't just any ole party dress but a real life elegant ball gown. I could tell he was in his glory but also a little nervous about losing and looking stupid. Vincent should be shot just for considering epaulets on a ball gown! Laura's dress was beautiful but not glamorous enough for the Ms. Universe pagent. I realize that Malan's dress was a disaster at best but I truly felt for the guy. I think he was arrogant as a defense mechanism. I think he is the kid who never fit in anywhere. If you watched him with the group - he always looked like he wanted to be a part but didn't know how. I thought the pairings were interesting - upscale Laura choosing ghetto FAB-U-LUS Michael; sophisticated Malan choosing snowboarderwithanosering Katy. I've signed up for Tim's podcast and I can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out.

Oh, wait you came here for knitting...let's see...the kimono is washed and blocking. I didn't use a full skein of Cotton Fleece so I thought I would make a hat. Well, I'm taking it apart and making a bib instead. My friend is not the cute, girly, summer hat type. Function is the name of her game. I think I will put eyelets into the bib to match the kimono and then I will run a ribbon that matches the one on the kimono. I think I will look for satin ribbon instead of grosgrain since I am going to weave it into the eyelets. I hope the FO is as cute as the picture in my head.