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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Meme

Janna tagged me with this Meme today:

Is there a song that you hear on the radio or from an old CD that immediately carts you off to a summer of your past, either way far away or pretty recent? One where you can hear the first few notes and feel the emotions you felt on the day the memory was happening? Then post an account of the memory along with the song's lyrics.

All morning I tried to think of a song or album that brought back memories. I had finally decided that nothing would compete with Janna and Susan’s selection. Then, on my way to the LYS a song came on the radio and it all flooded back. The Barry Manilow Live album! Yep, that’s right kids. It was my very first “secular” album. I think I got it in 1979 or 80. I was raised in a very strict Christian home where the only non-Christian music allowed was Elvis (my mom was still rebelling against her own strict parents and Elvis was King). My cousin bought me the record for my birthday that year. I played in on a Hi-Fi, stereo system that was the size of an organ and worked a turntable, 8-track tape and radio (oh yeah, we were hip!). The other song that came to mind was “Your Kiss is on My List” by Hall and Oates. It came out in 1980. On that Thanksgiving, my cousin invited me to go with her to visit our aunts in Connecticut (we lived in Maine). I felt like such a grown up even though I was only 11 (my cousin was 21)! That song played several times on the way there and back. I don’t remember but I think the Ford Pinto had a kick-ass stereo. Now I am tagging Bri and Suzann with this Meme.

So, I trekked to the LYS today to look at yarns for the Lady Eleanor. The four ladies working offered me help, which is no small feat. I checked out the Silk Garden by Noro but decided that it is a little too rough for me and I didn’t care for the color ways offered at said LYS. I have decided to use something with a wool/silk/cashmere blend or a combo of any two of the three listed. Brooks Farm Four Play covers it in a variegated; I just wish I could see the colors in person. There are several other companies who produce solids in the same blends. I think any combination of the three would be so soft and luxurious to wear. My silver spoon and I will make a decision soon.

Since DH is off this week we hit the movies. Today was The Break Up. I thought it was very funny. Vince Vaughn is adorable and Jennifer Aniston was great. While she may never get an academy award, she has proven that she can hold her own without Brad. And, hopefully she would never exploit her child for a big paycheck.