Knotty Purls

"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Does anyone listen to Podcasts besides Janna and I? What are your favorites? I have started listening to some during my gym time. I usually only remember a few snippets but overall it is a great way to catch what events are happening, new yarn info and find different patterns. Heck, I found out about the World Cup Knitting by listening to a Podcast. Here are my favorite Podcasts: Knit Cast, Pixie Purls, Knitting News Cast, Musings of a Peaceful Knitter, Pointy Sticks. I think I will add a Podcast section on the right side of the blog since I had to take away the WIP section. Frankly, I had too much going on to maintain it, not to mention having to remember the HTML code for the pictures and links. It will be much easier to just maintain the FO’s.

The baby sweater was nearly together last night when I realized I didn’t have the sleeve even. Most times you can compensate in the armpit but not this time. It was so crooked that it made the whole sweater a little cockeyed. I was ripping the sleeve out at 10:00 last night. Note to self…do seams during the daylight hours. The sweater is now complete and is soaking as I write. I will block it in a little bit and still have to find some nifty buttons. I have now started on some little socks to match.

We hit the movie theater this weekend for Over The Hedge. It was just darling! I think Hammy is my favorite character. He is just so sweet and naïve and we share a love of cookies! DH and I both love animated films. We are just big kids at heart I guess. I have a tip for those who like to go to movies without their kids…if you are seeing a kid’s movie, don’t go on a Friday afternoon! There were only a few people in the theater but those that brought children seemed to have an aversion to discipline. One toddler (who was waaaaay to old to be drinking from a bottle) was crying so loud! The tantrum went on for 20 minutes before the film started and about 10 minutes into the film. I was about to go get a manager when the mother finally took the hint (probably from the 10 people who turned to stare at her) and left. Others just let their kids run wild. Since there was school that day I have to wonder where all these little creatures came from. Next up...Cars!