Knotty Purls

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


This post is to let you know I am still alive and am actually knitting! So, here is what is currently on the needles:

This is the Fiery Bolero for my SIL. It is just like my shrug, only in purple. The yarn is Elann's Luna which I picked up at the yarn swap. I have managed to screw it up already though. I cast on with the size 3 needles and got through the 9 rows of cabled cast on increases before I remembered that I was supposed to use size 4 needles. The size 3 is strictly for picking up the edge stitches. I'm not about to rip it out!

This is the Interlocking Balloon scarf for my "niece". The yarn is Elann's Highland Wool in Carmine Pink. The color is fantastic but I'm not thrilled with the pattern. It is a 42 row chart! I am constantly tinking! The pattern is from Scarf Style.

This is the back of a baby sweater. The yarn is Elann's Esprit and I am loving it. It has elastic with the cotton so it knits fabulously! The pattern is from Style Your Own Kid's Knits. The size is 3-6 months.

This is the Vintage Pink Sweater from Interweave. The yarn is Barkarole from Austerman. Before you all comment - I realize the yarn is not pink! I can't help that the designer gave it such a specific title!