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Sunday, May 07, 2006

More news...

Thanks to all who sent congrats on the baby news! We have had a couple of big hits this week and my head won’t stop spinning. We found out that Wisconsin is what is called an “agency state”, which means you have to hire an agency in that state to complete an adoption of a baby born there. We were prepared to handle birthmom’s legal costs but not this new agency. This also means that the baby has to stay in agency care until the birthmom’s rights are terminated. This can be anywhere from 2-30 days after birth, depending on how soon you get a court date. We could go to the state and stay there but would not have the baby; however, we could stay there for 30 days, visit our baby every day and then have the birthmother change her mind. Not sure we could handle that! In addition, we are not prepared to be away from home for 30 days. Our house is going up for sale on May 17. If we leave town, we will have to kennel our dogs so the house could be shown. My poor Calvin gets sick whenever he is kenneled. So, it has been a lot to consider and then try to figure out where we might have several thousand dollars stashed away. It is also frustrating to bring in another group of people to put your life under a microscope and ask you to pay them for it. We live in a city where people kill their kids at least once a week and yet a woman makes a decision to stop the cycle of poverty and abuse and all sorts of roadblocks pop up. Thankfully, our neighbors called Friday night with an offer of margaritas! I am very sad to be leaving these neighbors!

I have done a little knitting this week. I am doing another repeat on the shawl because it just doesn’t look long enough yet. I also frogged the Ruffles scarf because it wasn’t curling the way I wanted. I think my yarn may be too heavy. So, I am now doing the Balloon scarf from Scarf Style. It has a gigantic chart – ugh! The color is Carmine Pink Highland Wool from Elann. It is the perfect color for a 16 year old girl!