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Monday, June 19, 2006

When the Going Gets Tough...

The tough turn to her two best guy friends...

And, when they don’t cut it, she goes here...

But, who can stay sad when you have this...

This weekend was devastating. Long story short, our birthmother changed her mind. She decided to raise her baby, herself. We have gone through a huge range of emotions – anger, sadness, and finally realizing that we can’t change her decision so we have to move on. Maybe we were just meant to be a part of her life for a short time for some reason; maybe there is a lesson we are supposed to learn (but we are still working on that one!) about ourselves. So, we start over, waiting. We do get the time back with our agency and when I talked to them today they said they had activated us last week and had sent out profiles already.

I got quite a bit of knitting done this weekend. Here are some photos of the accomplishments: I finished the back on the Vintage Cardigan. Yes, those are candleholders keeping the top in place. I don't happen to have Ken and Barbie to help.

Cast on the Moebius. I used the Annabelle and Beatrice cast on posted by Alice Trumann over at Elann. I finally figured out to cast onto two needles to make the cast on flow smoothly over the Denise cords. The yarn is a mohair boucle from Cherry Tree Hill.

Oh, I also did a little work on the Fiery Bolero for my SIL. I really hate the Luna yarn but the finished product is so pretty that I suffer through it.

And in between, I frogged the Balloon Scarf. After one repeat I decided I didn't like it with the yarn. Now I am thinking about the Cables (also from Scarf Style). I also started and frogged the edging on a little girl's sweater, about three times! I am also thinking of making the Lady Eleanor. I’ve noticed a lot of people are using the Noro Silk Garden. I think this is one pattern that needs to be in a variegated yarn. I would prefer something without mohair – it is always itchy for me and gets into my eyes – maybe Four Play from Brooks Farm Yarns. Hmmmm.

Since DH already had vacation this week, he is hanging out around the house with us. We will probably just catch up on our movies; it is just fun to be together.