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Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm Back

I'm back from the house hunting trip. Actually, I've been back for a few days but I have been so busy I haven't had time to blog. On Wednesday I met Susan and her Boogie for lunch and then headed for the grocery store. Yesterday was house cleaning (LOL! DH said he did it while I was gone!) and an inventory of my Boyd's Bears. I didn't realize I had THAT many! In between DH and I had to go over all the houses I saw and neighborhoods we could afford - that narrowed the list considerably! Good news - we can afford the house in the landfill; bad news - it smells over there.

I did have a little free time so I made my way to two yarn shops. Knitting Sisters in Williamsburg was nice, but not what I had expected. It didn't have the selection I was hoping for but it did have a nice sitting area for looking over books and patterns. I also hit The Knitting Corner. It is a nice little shop with a good selection. They had some yarns I had never heard of. In shopping at other stores I have decided that if my LYS would get a new coat of paint, rearrange the yarn and hire salespeople younger than 80, it would be the best store around. I had a long wait at airports during the trip home and I managed to get in a little knitting. I worked on the balloon scarf and only screwed up one row! I'm still not sure if I like the pattern but it will go on.

When I got home, my copy of Mason-Dixon Knitting was waiting for me. I had ordered it from Amazon because their price was almost half that of the other stores. I haven't had the chance to look it over yet; I want to make sure I have plenty of free time to become totally engrossed.