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"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Monday, July 10, 2006

Self-Portrait Tuesday

The theme for July is “Me As…”. I had several ideas such as “me as a crazy person” or “me as someone who disregards the speed limit”, but I couldn’t adequately take a photo of that. So, here is “me as a child at heart”. We were living in Washington DC when the new pair of pandas arrived. The region was so excited; everything was put on hold as we awaited their public appearance. For the first several months the pandas were kept away from the public eye, but you could watch them online via their webcam. Every night we would climb into bed with the laptop and watch Mei Xiang and Tian Tian before falling asleep. Now, their baby Tai Shan is a year old. We had an anniversary during the time the pandas were making their appearance and one morning I came out to find this guy sitting in the driver’s seat of my car, with a Happy Anniversary note. A more sane person would have taken the bear inside before heading to work but I have never been accused of being sane. I put him in the passenger’s seat and fastened the seatbelt around him and headed off. All day long I had employees coming to my office asking if I had officially lost my mind. Imagine my husband’s surprise when I pulled up to the house that night with Tian Tian riding shotgun. Please excuse the photo -I'm crazy but not derranged - it's the best I could do taking it myself. And, here he is modeling for me.

This is the Fiery Bolero. There is an end in sight!!!! I just have to pick up stitches for the edging and do a few rows of ribbing before seaming. YEAH!! The yarn is Luna from Elann.

Here is the little girl’s sweater. The pattern is from Handy Book of Sweater Patterns and the heart is from Style Your Own Kids Knits. The yarn is Diwa from Filatura Di Crosa.

The Vintage Cardigan still has a way to go. Here is the back and the start of the left front. The yarn is Austermann Barkarole. This yarn is so delish. I can’t imagine why they discontinued it.

The Here & There Cables scarf is done in Highland Wool from Elann. This pattern is so easy. I think my “niece” will like it.

The Moebius is nearly done but I didn’t think it would photograph well with the bear. It will get its own spotlight when the time comes.