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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Warming Grace

A few days ago I was perusing the web looking for Knit Alongs and came across a blog for Warming Grace. The little face that stared back at me drew me in to read further. A lady in Canada started collecting 5" x 5" squares to make a blanket for her neice who is undergoing chemo. Her neice was so thrilled she asked for a blanket for two of her friends. The group now has over 200 people knitting these little squares and the coordinator has a goal of 20 blankets. So, I got out my yarn, needles and books and started making squares. So far I have completed two. I did some swatching tonight but my finished product in no way resembled the flower in the book so I frogged and will try again tomorrow with fresh eyes. I have added their button in the sidebar under "Cool Things to Join". If you get a minute, take a look at the site and sign up. This is something so quick and easy and yet sooo appreciated. Think about all the single skeins of yarn you have hanging around.

Even Calvin joined the fun by modeling the squares for me. Don't worry, they haven't been washed yet! Once they are clean they will go into a hairless bag.

Annabelle thought she was helping. Oh, she always thinks she is helping!