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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Lady E yarns

I've been reading Two Pointy Sticks for a while now but had forgotten that she dyes her own yarn. She posted a new yarn yesterday which led me to her yarn selections. HOLY CRAP! The question isn't "which one should I buy" but "why can't I get 10 of each"? So, I need some advice on which yarn to buy for the Lady Eleanor Scarf. Click here for the list of colors.

My choices are: Estelle, Mont Blanc, Scheherezde or Ariadne yarns in: Cornish Pixie, Emilie, Firey Sunset, Summer Berries, Little Cayman, Water Lillies, Coco or Tender is the Night.

What would look best on a fair skinned, blue eyed, blonde chick? Ariadne is a fingerling weight so I would probably have to hold two strands. The original pattern is 800 yards of a chunky weight yarn. I will probably need a lot more to get it wide enough. I really want this to be lightweight because I just don't like heavy around my neck.