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Monday, June 26, 2006

We're Not Worthy

I hyperventilated this week when I found out that Yarn Harlot would be coming to Hill Country Weavers in July! Then, she replied to a comment I left on her blog and I flat passed out! Now I know what you are thinking…”why would a person who lives in the 7th largest city in America be so excited about driving an hour to the 16th largest city to see a knitting author? Surely she has had a famous knitting person at one of the ten yarn stores in her city.” Um, that would be a big, fat NO! I think someone famous was there about two years ago; I doubt they even know who Yarn Harlot, Mason-Dixon or Wendy is. While our one yarn store is great for the basic yarns like Encore, Cascade 220 and Lamb’s Pride, I have yet to see anything there that jumps off the shelf, into my arms. If I want a brown yarn – it’s the place to go. If I want a pink variegated silk yarn – I head north to Hill Country Weavers. HCW is where I am reminded I have a budget but just don’t seem to care. It is where I pull out 20 different pink yarns and wonder if I can justify 10 skeins of each. And, it is where the staff says, “oh, I used that yarn to make this cool ____ “(you fill in the blank) and the item is so fantastic you suddenly find you want to make one for all of your friends even though the yarn is $20 a skein. Sadly, I have yet to see something on display at my LYS that I want to make. So, on July 29 a group of us will head to Austin to bask in the glory of the Yarn Harlot and drain the savings account. I think I might explode by July 29 ~ ARE WE THERE YET!

This weekend I tackled Entrelac. I figured I should learn the technique before I spend a whole bunch of money on yarn for the Lady Eleanor wrap. The technique is awesome. And incredibly easy! I practiced in worsted weight wool but I think I will go with a smaller weight for the Lady Eleanor and then just add in a couple of extra repeats. I contemplated using a couple of different solid colors but I’m afraid it might look like I am wearing a patchwork quilt. I think it would make for cute scarves though. Here is my swatch -