Knotty Purls

"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Monday, July 17, 2006


Here is the Moebius. I finished blocking yesterday and had DH take this photo. He wanted to take more but it was about 80 in the house and this thing is MOHAIR! Here are the details:

Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Baby Loop (Mohair Boucle).
Color: Brown with a dark plum streak. You can't tell it is variegated unless you hold it to the light.
Yards: Not sure. I had a skein with over 900 yards and I didn't even come close to 1/4 of the skein. The center of the ball hasn't even softened yet, let alone caved.
Needles: Size 10 Denises. However, I held two together to get the cast on loose enough.
Pattern: Moebius from Cat Bordhi. But, the cast on is the Annabelle and Beatrice from an Elann post. I have no idea how many rounds I did. I would knit until I was bored and then purl until bored. With this yarn you can't really see a pattern unless you are up close and personal (and no one gets that close to MIL) so I figured it didn't matter. This is going to be a Christmas gift for MIL.

I have been thinking about which projects to take with me during the move and which need to be finished prior. I have decided that the cabled scarf will be a good one for the move so it is now on the back burner. I started the Kimono from Mason-Dixon last night since the baby is due to arrive any day now. I am already up to the increases for the arms. I am using Cotton Fleece from Brown Sheep - very nice! I have also picked up some Sugar and Cream for a Warshrag for MIL's birthday. Nordstrom has fancy soap on sale right now too! I would like to do the hand towel but Euroflax is a little expensive. The Canapone from Elann is a better price but it would have to be doubled so it would still cost the same as the Euroflax. Our LYS carries the Euroflax but not many colors and Canapone still has some great shades left. I could just buy two skeins of the Canapone and make a smaller hand towel but I'm afraid it will be too small. Oh, what to do....

Yesterday I broke down and swatched the Silkdream from Lang. I had put it off knowing I would want to make something ASAP once I touched it. I was right! OMG, they nailed it when they called it dream. I have washed my swatch and IF I can get the right gauge I think I will buy more to use for the Noro Shrug. I think I may have been moaning and drooling as I knit because DH kept looking at me funny.

Folks have been asking about Baxter's day at camp. Well, he got an A+ on his report card. The first thing they asked... "when will Baxter be back?". He made a new friend and he kept all the other dogs calm. There was a spot for "I had a crush on _____" but it wasn't filled out-I think they had all boy dogs last week; typically Baxter is quite the Ladies Man. He also played with the little dog no one else would play with. AND, he slept two full nights without barking! He was sent home with homework which I have worked on but DH has not (can you tell who the softie is in this house?).