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Monday, July 24, 2006

Booby Check

Ok girls, this is your friendly reminder to do your self-exams every month. I had my very first mammogram today and have to say - not nearly as scary as I anticipated. It hurt less than the sinus headache I was sporting that's for sure. You even get pretty flowered nipple stickers that you can later use to impress your significant other or clients - whatever suits your lifestyle. The technician told me that the clinic is getting new machines that were designed by WOMEN! Imagine that! They have curved sides so you don't get poked in the armpit and they even have a curved face shield. I think a great Project Runway challenge would be to design prettier hospital gowns. Even in makeup and high heels one still feels frumpy in the cape that has been worn by others! The good news is, the lump I found is just a cyst. The bad news is, I will have to put up with them recurring until menopause. The doctor offered to aspirate the cyst for me and I informed him that I had very little up there and had no desire to remove what little I do have. If that fluid is helping me fill out this A-cup bra, I'm leaving it. My husband asked why I didn't want a needle put into my booby and I sugested he let me get one of my small needles and stick it in his testical and then he could tell me his opinion!

I do not have photos to post today. I did finish the Kimono and it is quite cute. I still have to sew on the *fake* button. The bib is blocking and will get a matching button along with iron on butterflies. I have also finished one warshrag for MIL and am on the third repeat of a second one (did that while waiting around for the Dr. this morning). Throw in some fancyschmancy soap from Nordstrom and she will be as happy as a pig in mud. Hopefully I can get both gifts in the mail this week and then finish up the little girl's sweater. The more I think about it the more I want to frog the Barkarole sweater and use that yarn for something else. It is so soft and comfy that I think it needs to be something I am sure will fit vs. something that is questionable.