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"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm a Junkie

Not THAT kind...get your mind outta the gutta. I'm a junkie for quasi-reality tv. I love Cops, Dallas SWAT, Dog The Bounty Hunter... you know, the kind where someone else's life sucks more than mine. Is it wrong to feel good about myself because I don't have the po po knocking down my door - I think not. My MIL won't let us watch Cops when she is around because "it isn't nice to watch other people's misery". Ummmm, when you when you get stopped with a crack pipe in your lap, ya kinda asked for it. But, I have to question these other reality shows... has anyone out there watched Flavor of Love? Ok, Brad and Jennifer couldn't make it and yet women are falling all over themselves to get some Flava Flav. And does the boy have any teeth that are actually his own? Wait... I have to go throw up my popcorn... ok, I'm back. We criticize Barbie as being a bad roll model for girls and yet this show gets 2 seasons... yes, that is 2 seasons of women degrading themselves for a chance to "get wit that". Oh, got to go throw up again... ok, I'm done. Kim was telling me that some were outraged by the latest issue of BabyTalk magazine showing a woman breastfeeding - ummmmmmm, have they not seen E with Dr. 90210? It's all booby all the time!

Knitting? Yeah, I've been doing it. I finished sock numero uno for Boogie. I hope she likes it. Of course she will. She is two and it is from "her Kim". What can I say, the child loves me. I know, I don't get it either. I think she mostly likes Baxter and I'm just his PR person. My White Lies Designs patterns showed up yesterday and I can't wait to start on Krista. But, I have to finish the sock first. I don't want to be known as the woman who disappointed the two year old. I know she will be askin her momma "where my socks from my Kim?" She is just too cute!

Oh, good news! I frequently talk about my Pyrs and most of you get tired of it but, one fellow knitter contacted me about my rescue link. She also has a Pyr and tomorrow will be going to meet Xander (well, when you take in over 100 dogs a year, you run outta names!). She was going to come to SnB tomorrow but I think she will be spending time with her new snuggle buddy (crossing paws here!).

Well, Char has gone to a cocktail party which I bowed out of... ouch... my neck hurts . So, I am having my own cocktail party here at home. Baxter and I are enjoying ourselves while Annabelle scares of the JW's.