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Sunday, July 30, 2006

A Harlot in Austin

Ok, there are several but only one is ho'n it out for yarn. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee made her only 2006 Texas appearance at Hill Country Weavers yesterday.

The San Antonio contingent consisted of Susan, Janna, Enid, Amy, Claudine (still blogless, we'll convert her yet), New Kim, Mary, me and a special guest...Ken.

Ken lives with Susan and came sporting handknit shorts (that were lowriding!), a scarf and no shirt. It was a consistent 105 so we are not sure why Ken was wearing his scarf! Here is Ken paying close attention.

The Harlot was witty, well-spoken and very down-to-earth. She patiently signed her book and smiled for photos for several hours. Here I am with the Harlot. I left my fancy warshrag in the car so it didn't get photographed with the famous sock.

I also need to mention the fantastic staff of Hill Country Weavers. They went out of their way to provide fantastic customer service. They even provided snacks, cold water and BEER. They never seemed to lose their cool, even when 100 knitters filled the store! We were so impressed that we went back a second time after lunch! When I was checking out I mentioned that I was moving and they offered to ship any item once I am settled. Yet another reminder that life as I know it is about to change

Ah, LUNCH! We dined with knitters from Houston and had a great time just hanging out. I have to say that Austin mexican food just isn't the same as San Antonio's mexican food. And I do believe I had the world's smallest margarita.

The highlight of lunch was when Ken, with the aid of Janna decided to spend his lunch with Amy.

When I looked a few minutes later, Ken looked quite comfy! Try explaining that to hubby..."um, yes honey, the day really was about knitting...see...I have yarn to prove it!". Fortunately he knows me well enough to not be surprised by anything anymore.

I do have stash enhancement to show but decided to save it for another day.