Knotty Purls

"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Day One

I thought I would bring ya'll along on our little trip.

Saturday, September 2, 2006. We are up early. Lots to do this morning. Charley heads out to weigh the truck while I shower. We then go to our house to transfer luggage to my car and then go get the dogs from the Palms Pet Resort. Hi mom and dad, nice to see you, let's go. Annabelle gave us each a little love and then headed for the front door! Back to the house for a final inspection with the realtors to discuss painting my purple dining room. Charley heads out to weigh the car while I spend time with the neighbors, trying not to cry. Finally, it is time to say goodbye to the Martinez clan. I spot tears in Big Boy's eyes so I know we really are leaving home. I get my box of Puffs (one of the first things packed!) and cry to Schulenberg - our pit stop. We spot a grassy area between to smokehouses (Schulenberg is the beef jerky capital of the world) to walk the dogs. Calvin tries to eat a kitty! Then, it is off to Baytown, Texas. We stop at our lovely La Qunita Inn. Kim, I thought of you when I walked in! Actually, the carpets aren't that bad but the tub has me contemplating wearing my flip flops! Oh well, it has a nice grassy area for two big dogs and we aren't likely to get kicked out if they bark. I checked for bugs and hairs in the bed and all was clean. Not sure if the monkey smell was here when we landed or if Calvin and Annabelle brought it with them. At least there is a Starbucks next door. A nice Starbucks at that! Large, with sofas and comfy chairs. We sort of look like the Beverly Hillbillies or maybe it is more like Green Acres. Me and my bling, driving a Volvo, drinking Starbucks, walking two big smelly dogs. Our cars are filled to the brim. I would like to make a side note that Big Boy has packed more clothes than me. Seriously. He brought every uniform he owns and he doesn't even plan on working until October. Our travel bag is filled with his stuff. The best part. I'm pretty sure he has worn the same shorts since last Sunday!

Well, we are off on Day Two of our little crazy trip. We will head to Hammond, Louisianna to stay in the finest Best Western in town. Yee Haw! My knitting friends, I will join you in spirit at 4:00 today. I'll keep my Puffs close by! Love You Mean It :-)