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"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Day Four, Five...

The days have sort of all blurred into one so I am putting it all in one post. We spent last night in Durham, North Carolina in a little Best Western that reminded me of the hotels we stayed in when I was a kid. I guess then they were called Motor Lodges.

Initially I thought the only thing I could blog about were trees, but then I saw the sign for the Cafe Risque. And, several miles later we saw about 20 signs. Not just signs; gigantic billboards. Apparently the truckers would not be drawn by the first sign that said "Topless Cafe" so they had to attrack them with many more. Including signs that said "couples welcome" and "great food". When we stopped for lunch at Panera in Charlotte I asked Charley if he would have rather stopped at the Cafe Risque. He knew the correct answer was NO. I also called my friend, Melissa, to let her know that I was passing the Dale Earnhardt Blvd. What I forgot to mention was the car carrier loaded with NASCAR cars. I am sure they were some sort of show replicas because the real guys are well protected inside a trailer. Tony Stewart was right on top. Sorry Cariann, I didn't see Jeff's.

Anyway, we are here. We got in this afternoon and dropped the dogs at their very own hotel. Note to self...never again walk the dogs back to their kennel. Annabelle refused to get in so I had to go in the kennel so she would follow me. Then, I had to jump out while the technician shut the door quickly. It is a nice little vet clinic and the vets went to Auburn and Texas A&M, same as our last vets so we feel good. We drove around a little but then found we were so tired that we couldn't even read the map so we decided to find our way back to base. Um, yeah, base. Well, I think our little TLF (Temporary Lodging Facility) may have been built in the Depression Era. Frankly, it is DEPRESSING! Lackland was a palace compared to this place. Big Boy is talking about moving out after our free 10 days and moving to a hotel and paying the higher price. Since I live with Mr. Practical, that should tell you a lot. We were too tired to handle the commissary AND the BX so we just went to Wallyworld to get some supplies. Did you know that Wally does not sell alcohol? Did you know that Wally does not discriminate in its customer base? Trust me, the average Wally customer is looking for alcohol and not caring that they are "family friendly". Sadly, there is only one Tar-gey in town and I have yet to find it.

So, I am in the car, rambling about nothing, trying to stay awake, while looking for the Class Six (base liquor store), so I can have some wine, and I mention that tonight is Project Runway and they best have Bravo on the base cable, and Big Boy mentions that tv doesn't start until 8:00 here so I will have to stay awake until 10:00 in order to catch my PR. Seriously, it would have been better if he had just slapped me! Did I mention that our little room does not have internet? We are using dial up!!!!!!!! Did I mention that the only tv is in the living room with a very stiff pull-out couch that is covered in some sort of water repellent material? Lackland had a tv in the bedroom too. I am slowly mounting my case for returning (He He He!).

Well, kids, that is all for tonight. I apologize if this is not grammatically correct. My body is operating on autopilot and just hanging on until the laundry is done. Or until the wine is all gone. We are going house hunting tomorrow. Yes, we still own our last house! I have agreed to go back to work if it does not sell soon. Of course, I will likely quit the day the ink is dry on the contract :-)

Oh, Big Boy would like you all to know that he has changed his shorts and will be wearing his sandals tomorrow so we can work on that monkey smell in his docksiders! Now, where is that can of Lysol Neutra Air.....