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"Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica"

Sunday, September 10, 2006

What day is it?

Seriously, I got up this morning and didn't know the date. Something popped up on my computer that said September 10 and I doubled checked because I didn't believe it. This week has been so crazy hectic that I have totally lost track of time. We spent two days looking at houses and have narrowed the search to two. We took a break yesterday and went up to the Farmer's Market in Williamsburg. My Baxter would have loved it! We did see a 9-month old Pyr named Bella, whose family didn't seem terribly eager to talk to us . We didn't buy any fresh vegatables because I am not cooking in our little room!

This is one of the houses we are considering. Each house has pros and cons. They are two different prices in two different areas. This house is a nice area but a long drive for Big Boy. It is also in a harder sell neighborhood but it is brand spanking new and has a great floor plan. The other is a resale in a neighborhood that didn't really impress us but will be an easier resell in three years. It has fewer rooms than our current house so we are trying to figure out where we would put our crap. Oh, I mean Big Boy's stuff. Plus, I will have to do a little painting to make it all match our furniture.

I thought you might like to see one of the houses we turned down. The floor plan was fantastic but they would have to paint the entire inside of the house because there is no way to spackle ALL of the nail holes. If you are the owner of this house and you are reading this blog, YOU NEED HELP! It looks like the Cracker Barrel exploded in this house. These few pictures only cover a portion - the whole house was like this. Our realtor was told the owner had been cleaning out! The garage was packed full and then we found the shed in the back. Look closely, you can see that it is filled to the tops of these windows.

For some reason I just can't get into my knitting. During our drive, I started on a terrible book but felt the need to finish it once we arrived. I did manage to finish the front and back of the Krista T and I have started the sleeves. I am a little upset with it though. It is a lace pattern and because of the decreases around the neck and armholes the lace doesn't quite match up on the shoulders. I don't know if I should rip back on the back shoulders and adjust or just keep going hoping no one will notice. The pattern was not very clear about whether or not to stay in pattern when doing the bind off/decreases for the armholes. I plan on going to the new SnB on Wednesday and hopefully someone there can provide some sage advice. I also need to figure out how to make the neck edge lie flat. Maybe with a little starch? The other thing is the location of knitting. The sofa in our TLF room is very uncomfy and covered in some waterproof material. The only way to be remotely comfy is to lie down which doesn't work with knitting. The bed is more comfy but dark and away from the tv. I have also been so tired that when I have the time, I just take a nap. One of these days, life will be normal again!

I promise today I will read and comment on the blogs. Dial up has made blogging and reading quite painful. This afternoon Big Boy is out watching his fooosball so I am hanging at Panera tapping into their WiFi.

I will leave my Texas friends with this little tease - the weather is in the 70's/80's here and I have been able to use my sunroof and open all the windows!! We've even been able to eat outside and today we took a walk and didn't work up a sweat - except I got some nature on me!