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Sunday, September 24, 2006

It could only happen to me!

Have you ever had a day where crazy seems to surround you? Mine is today and, well, it is only half over. This afternoon Big Boy headed to a sports bar to watch football so I headed to a coffee shop intending to tell y'all about my stash enhancement. When I got out of the car I was greeted by a gigantic Boxer whose whole body shook with excitement as I petted her. But, that isn't the crazy part. I set up my laptop and went over to the counter three feet away to order my lunch. There were a bunch of people in line in front of the register. At least I thought they were in line. After a few minutes a guy in front of my says "are you in line?". I say yes and "I thought you were as well since you were in front of the register". Apparently his European friends do not understand the concept of standing in line. They should watch this movie. Finally, I place my order and head the three feet back to my table where what should I see but...FOUR PEOPLE GATHERED AROUND MY LAPTOP! Here is the conversation (I'd act it out if I could!):

Crazy Woman: Oh hello. Do you mind that we are looking at your iBook?
Me: UH....
CW: It is jut the neatest thing.
***I need to interject comment here. I own a six year old iBook so I know it is not "neat". So, at this point I am thinking that she has been living under a rock or on a commune. We have a desktop that is nice and new but keep this one for Big Boy's travels.
Me: UH.....
CW: Is that a battery charger?
Me: UH.... What?
CW: That thing.
Me: It is just a plug that goes into the wall.
CW: But what is the round thing?
Me: UH..... that is the cord that goes into the computer but it is very long so Apple makes this little round thing that winds it up and it comes apart from the plug for easier travel since that is usually what you do with a laptop.
CW: Oh WOW! How neat is that!
*****At this point I notice her two children seem to be trying to ignore her (understandable). She and her equally nosy friend just turn and walk out the door.
Me: UH.....

So, I sit down and sort of hope that the photo of naked men my friend Angela sent me has popped up 'cause that would have served them right!

But, the crazy does not end there. Several minutes later my order is called and I go to the counter to collect my egg salad samich. There are two men standing there and here is the conversation that ensued (again, I wish I could act it out):

Crazy European Man: Are you number 1027?
Me: Yes. Oh, there is my samich.
CEM: But, are you number 1027?
Me: UH.... yes, I am. That is my samich.
CEM: But, are you number 1027?
****At this stage I think I must be on Candid Camera so I stop and stare at him for a second.
Me: Yes, I told you I am number 1027! This is my samich. (In my head I was thinking LOOK JACKOFF DON'T STAND IN THE WAY OF A HUNGRY WOMAN WITH PMS!)
CEM: Oh, that is your sandwich.
****Then he storms off to find his friends to find out what number they are because since they ordered after me it was only logical that their orders be up before mine!

I think I should go back to my room and fondle my yarn - it is SANE!

Speaking of stash enhancement...I went to Knitting Sisters yesterday because my shrug pattern was confusing me. Since I had a bootleg copy I thought maybe something was missing. A very nice lady worked through it with me (I think) and then asked if I could help them with their shrug pattern since I mentioned that I had made several in the past. Theirs was way beyond anything I could visualize and I suggested they check online for erratta! Well, guilt does me in every time. Since the nice lady helped me with a pattern I didn't pay for that I am making from yarn from another company, I felt obligated to buy something. I ended up with a skein of Cotton Fleece, in a blue; two balls of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino, in a blue; a Baby Cashmerino book and size 3 DPN's because mine are currently in storage. Like I need another project. I still have to block and seam the Krista T; finish the Here and There Cables scarf for Christmas; finish the Noro Shrug; and finish the hand towel from M-D (although that is not top on my list 'cause the yarn sucks).

One of these days I will get around to posting photos again. It is tough sharing a computer with a man who is addicted to it.