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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Macy's Picked Up Some Road Kill and Is Selling It As A Scarf!

I finally got over to the mall and was running through Macy's when something stopped me in my tracks (dangerous since I was heading to the ladies room!). I wanted to touch it but I was scared! I think it was a scarf. I'm not really sure. It was curly and dipped in some sort of dye and was in the accessories department. Checking the price would have meant touching it and like I said, I was scared. And here I had been so thankful that fun fur was dead! I tried to find the little gem online but apparently Macy's does not want the whole world to know it has gone crazy so it is just putting it in select stores. Next time, I'll take the camera.

You know your friends truly love you when they put up with your insanity. Here is a sample conversation:

Melissa: Hello
Me: Do I need a snowsuit?
Melissa: Um, for this weekend at the beach? It isn't going to be that cold.
Me: Not for me!
Melissa: Oh, for the baby? It doesn't get THAT cold in your area. Oh wait, you might need it to leave Nebraska. Here is what you buy instead......
Me: I don't know how to buy winter baby clothes. Do they have stores where I don't have to pay $50 for something that will fit in my purse?

In San Antonio I could buy a pair of shorts and the child could wear them anytime from April until December. Not to mention, someone was always having a cool sale. The only things on sale here are shorts and they will not work in December here. There were so many cute little sweaters but they were like $50! I know, just put the kid in the sleepers all day. But, that isn't me. I don't wear my jammies all day and I don't want my child to spend his life in them either. Most of the real clothes do not even come in the little sizes. If only I could afford the Gap Baby stuff - it is very cute!

I haven't accomplished much in the knitting department. Our little sofa is very uncomfortable for knitting so I only do a few rows per night. I have finished three repeats of the hand towel. I hope the Euroflax fluffs up with water because right now mine looks nothing like the picture. I went down to a size three needle and it is still very loose. Tip on knitting with Euroflax - do not use a metal needle! I am using Bamboo and it is still slipping right off the needle.