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Friday, September 22, 2006

Snowsuit Disaster Averted!

My friend Melissa always knows the most economical way out of a situation! She suggested the car seat boot. It will last all winter and one size fits all! I remember trying to get nieces and nephews into snowsuits and the screaming fits it created. The kids screamed, the mom screamed - the only one not screaming was the dog 'cause he was hiding! With the little boot they are warm and can still move around. Now I just need to make some little hats and mittens to get us out of Nebraska and we will be good. BTW, the average temp in Nebraska in November is a whopping 45 degrees. Do they make those boots in adult size? I will definitely get to use Eileen's scarf!

We checked out the Williamsburg outlets today and I am happy to announce that Big Boy purchased two new pairs of shoes. Count them...TWO! I'm not sure he has purchased two pairs in our whole marriage. I managed to steer him away from his traditional docksiders to a pair of cool slip on, driving style shoes. GQ here he comes!

Of course I also drug him to every kid's store in the mall. The stuff was just too cute to pass up. Even Big Boy picked up a sweater but it was too big. Long ago Big Boy decided that any clothing purchases would be left up to me and he would handle all things sporting equipment related (heaven knows I was not looking forward to the jock strap adventure). Anyway, we came away with some stuff from Oshkosh and Carter's. I've noticed a lot of people selling kid's clothes on Ebay and figure that the Oshkosh stuff will hold up well enough to sell later on.