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Monday, October 02, 2006

Embarrassing Moments

Let’s face it; no woman wants to admit that her jeans are too small. And, sometimes Mother Nature has to step in and help out. That is what happened to me this week. First, we were chased by a loose dog and in my attempt to get my dogs away I tripped and tore the knee out of my jeans. Today I headed to the AC Moore and told DH that one of these days I would have to look for some new jeans because I was left with one pair that fit and one pair that were (waaaay too tight) almost didn’t fit anymore. I spotted a TJ Maxx and swung in to look at jeans and baby stuff. Well, as I entered the dressing room I spotted something in the mirror – my striped Vickie’s Secrets were no longer a secret. Yep, that little snag near the back pocket had opened up for the whole world to see. I tried on seven pairs of jeans only to get more depressed with each tossed aside pair. UGH! They were either too low, too wide in the leg, too short, too expensive or too bling. Sometimes all of it in the same pair! Tomorrow I will drive to the Exchange to see if I can get my favorite pair in a ginormous, um I mean, larger size.

AC Moore was quite cool. At first I was totally unimpressed thinking that it was kind of old and dirty. Then, I got to the yarn area. It was still old and dirty but with fantastic yarn! Not only did they have the usual craft store selections but they also had a couple of LYS brands, like Katia (and another I can’t remember). They also had some cashmere for $4 a ball! I resisted because it was a little bulkier than I am used to but I may have to cave. They had a great alpaca for $5 for 75 yards. It too was a bulky weight.

We checked out the Neptune festival on Saturday. I think I hit every booth on the 3-mile boardwalk. I didn’t buy anything except my funnel cake! They had a little parade and we stopped to watch part of it but we are really spoiled from Fiesta. After you have seen drag queens on a fire engine and belly dancers that should have quit 50 years and 50 pounds ago, no parade will ever match up!

I came across these hand made needles. The gentleman who manned the booth was not happy about my photo taking. Apparently he tried to ask me what the photo was for but I didn’t hear him. Big Boy said he asked twice in the time it took me to turn on the camera and snap the photo. I told him it was to show a friend. As I explained to Big Boy, many people make their own needles so his are not exactly unique. Heck, people are making them with dowels from Michael’s and a pencil sharpener.

The coolest thing was the sandcastle contest. This is the big one…

Then, they had the smaller ones…

This is my favorite, the mourning angel.

There were a lot more sculptures but the photos didn't turn out so great.