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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Our little cabin

Speaking of the cabin… here are photos of our little abode. This is the front porch…

This is the kitchen, viewed from the living room…

This is the living room viewed from the kitchen…

This is the bedroom. See how the door is in the way? Well, that is because it won’t open any farther because the bed is in the way… Big Boy has to climb over me to get to his side of the bed. Not that he minds:-)

This is the shower… See the washcloth on the top? Well, that is the showerhead! Yep, the shower is just that small. It is impossible to wash my hair without banging my elbows. I have to stand outside the shower to shave my legs. Needless to say, I’m not doing it that often.

Calvin is enjoying the cooler weather and lying outside after dark. We usually have to drag him inside at night. He has made enemies with a frog. He thought it was all fun and games until he got froggy’s poison in his mouth causing him to foam for about 10 minutes. Now he is out for revenge!

In other knitting news…I am so over the hand towel from M-D! I have managed 10 repeats and am calling it quits. The pattern calls for 12 repeats but I just don’t think I can handle that! The yarn is so hard to work with and I find the pattern boring. I really hope it softens with washing! You won't be getting a photo because the yarn is dark and would not show up well - besides, you can't really see the pattern.

The Noro shrug is coming along. I should be finished in time for winter. The yarn is so great to work with and the pattern is so easy to memorize. The yarn is Elann’s highland wool and it is so soft and stretchy.

Here and There Cables Scarf is nearly done. I think I have one skein of yarn to go. I do wish I had used a larger needle but what’s done is done. Hopefully the smaller needle and gauge will mean it will hold the cable shaping well.

I recently started a hat in Baby Cashmerino. This yarn is pure YUM! It reminds me of Barkarole. It is so dreamy to work with. The pattern is from the Baby Cashmerino book. I have changed it up a little. It is supposed to be in moss stitch, including the cables. Well, I didn’t like the way the cables looked so I frogged and am redoing it with the cables in stockinet instead.

The Krista T is completed and I have photos but I forgot to download them. I will post about it later but let's just say, there is a strange smell and I don't think it is me!