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Thursday, December 07, 2006

He's Here!

I know you have all been waiting on pins and needles and I apologize for the delay. Here is M.B.A. I am still trying to figure out what I will call him in blog world. I haven’t posted photos because I was waiting until all of the legalities were taken care of and I was sure he was sticking around. We are still waiting on approval to travel to Texas and we expect it to come on Friday. We would love to be able to fly out of Nebraska on Saturday but it really will depend on the cost of our plane tickets. It is so freaking cold here! We have been here for two weeks now.

We arrived in Omaha on Thanksgiving Day. We had a turkey sandwich in the airport and had our starches and dessert at Mickey D’s with French Fries and Apple Pies, once we arrived in Omaha. We headed to Lincoln on Saturday and met with our birthmother (A), her daughter (A2) and a friend. It was nice to get to know them and A2 is the cutest three year old! She quickly warmed up to Big Boy and went over the moon when he taught her how to thumb wrestle.

On Monday A was induced and we waited. And we waited. And we waited. By the time Tuesday morning rolled around and there was still no action the Dr. broke her water. M.B.A. was born at 2:02. He weighed 8 pounds 3 ounces and had the fattest cheeks! A held him first while the rest of us passed the tissue box around. Her mom had been there with us for the two days and it was so nice to get to know everyone. I think it secured their decision that we were the right family. The hospital staff was fantastic! They treated us all as equal parents and consulted all of us with every decision. But, mostly, they put personal feelings aside and put A’s health and that of the baby’s first. They even gave her one of the hospital’s baby blankets so A2 could wrap her “babies” in it.

M.B.A. came home on Thursday and our first night was quite the experience. We set his car seat on the floor and then said “now what”. I’ve had experience with babies but Big Boy has not. It has been some learning and I am trying not to control or nag but it is really hard for us Type A’s! We headed back to Omaha on Friday so we could stay on base. We are really ready to go to Texas for the company of friends and a little warm weather (not to mention a hair cut and color :-) )

I promise not to talk about M.B.A. too much. I know that none of you really care how often he eats or where it comes from or how often he poops (a minimum of 8 times a day BTW!) or how or where he sleeps.

I have managed to nearly finish a sock in the past two weeks. It is from Sensational Knitted Socks and it is the Ribbed Lace pattern with the Eye of Partridge heel. The yarn is Baby Silk from Elann in a navy blue. I think they will go to SIL. Whether or not it will be for Christmas is still to be determined.