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Friday, November 17, 2006

Not much longer

We leave for Nebraska a week from yesterday and the baby is due next Friday. We are getting a little more excited but know that there is still a lot ahead of us.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t mentioned this adoption very much. The last time we were matched with a birthmother I expressed some frustration with the state’s archaic adoption laws and was publicly criticized for it. I’m sure the bitch opinionated person thought they were helping me but since they had no clue about the intimate, personal details of our situation they really had no right to critique my feelings. This time we are sorting through some crazy birthfather laws and will have our future hanging by a thread for many days after the birth. I have kept this frustration to myself. With all the pressures of an inept attorney and trying to support the birthmother I don’t need to deal with someone who insists on telling me how I should feel. I don’t mind someone sharing their experience if they do it out of concern and not cruel intentions. I don’t think this person is capable of that!

Anyway, on to happier things. The baby is going to be a boy. If she doesn’t deliver on the 24th she will be induced on the 27th. We are scheduled to leave for San Antonio on the 1st but will likely have to change our plans due to the legal waiting periods we were not aware of when we booked the tickets. We are very excited about going back to San Antonio but I know it is just going to make coming back here even harder. Charley contemplated sending me to SA alone (to save a little money) but I think he is afraid I will claim squatter’s rights and never leave; he knows that my friends will hide me! Packing has been interesting. I have to take both shorts and a snowsuit for the baby. I think we will end up shipping our igloo clothes home because I doubt we will need scarves and gloves in Texas.

I am itching to cast on a new project. The endless 2x2 ribbing is killing me. I swatched some Sonata yesterday to use in a Baby Cashmerino pattern but I really needed to use a size 3 needle and my only size 3 is bamboo. Cotton and bamboo are not a good combination for me! I didn’t even make it all the way through the swatch. I’m just not sure what I should buy because I need and love a super pointy tip. The other day I came to a realization of how much I have learned since I first started knitting. I pulled out my 16” Addi Turbos and couldn’t work with them – I had to use DPN’s. I thought back to my first time using DPN’s and how I frogged the little hat about five times before it hit the wall, needles and all. I never thought I would see the day where DPN’s were more comfortable than a circular. I’m pretty sure Big Boy is glad I got the hang of it too because he doesn’t really like ducking!